Sunday, March 31, 2013

"Changed the Gun Control Debate"

Mark Kelly, Gabby Gifford’s husband, in testifying before Congress, says the shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, where 20 children and 6 educators were killed, “changed the gun control debate.” In what way, Mark? Did it “change it” in such a way that the only measures liberals are taking about violate our Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms?” Or maybe to recognize that DISARMING the responsible, HONEST people is NOT the way to go? That recognize that CRIMINALS and crazies don't OBEY gun laws? Maybe to make laws that punish the CRIMINALS by making it a more severe sentence to use a gun in a crime (to keep armed criminals in prison longer) rather than make it harder for people like him and his wife to get guns with which to defend themselves against the ILLEGAL guns criminals and crazies never seem to have any trouble getting, no matter how many ignorant laws are passed by ignorant politicians supported by ignorant people? How about laws making it a more severe crime to SELL guns to people who only have criminal intent, and for people to BUY them to commit crimes? When are people like this (and the people who MAKE such laws) going to WAKE UP? When are they going to start APPROACHING “gun control” from the RIGHT (not necessarily "right wing") direction? He says the NRA needs to "wake up." actually, it's people like HIM who need to "wake up." (Huffington Post)

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