Thursday, August 2, 2012

This Is Gun Control

The pictures this link will lead you to will show you what gun control can (and will) lead to. WARNING: they're graphic. Do you think this can’t happen here? Germans and Chinese thought so, too. Right up until the bullet entered their brains and they fell into the open mass grave. How stupid ARE people to allow the government to disarm them so they will not be “a problem” when their thugs come to steal what’s theirs? The men pictured may not be familiar to many of you, since the liberal media has stopped talking about the best-known dictators and mass murderers of the past.  So look them up. Yes, all those pictures are old. Which is because the more recent dictators don’t allow pictures to be taken when they kill people. (The Right Planet)


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Ray Thomas said...

Anon: Those are typos, unnoticed. Not misspellings. spelling is what I do best. In any case, my sister no longer edits my stuff. She left me on my own a long time ago.