Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Granny Get Your Gun!"

No less than FIVE armed thugs came into a store in Garden Grove, California and tried to rob it. But they didn’t plan on anybody there being armed (they never do) and willing to use her gun. But this little old lady did, and watching them trip all over each other trying to get out the door is hilarious. This just proves (again) my theory that ONE GUN in the hands of an honest person with the will to use it in self defense will make robbers (who are essentially cowards) think carefully about their chosen field of “work.” It happened in Colorado Springs, Colorado, when a would-be mass murderer was shot before he could kill more than two people by a pretty little lady with her own gun. And the more guns there are in the hands of honest people, the more often we’ll see such stories. (KTLA)

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