Sunday, March 14, 2010

Not A Word About Gun Control

Many cities have had reductions in homicides; some that have tight gun laws, others with looser ones. But all gave as the cause of the reduction, “more or less gang activity.” Not a word about their “gun control laws.” What this proves it that gun control laws make NO DIFFERENCE in the violent crime rates. “Gang activity” is ALWAYS with ILLEGAL guns. I don’t think a gang member has EVER had a license for his gun (or guns). Some credit “more police activity,” and they might be right, in some cases. But more guns in the hands of responsible, honest people to allow them to defend themselves against ILLEGALLY-ARMED criminals would mean an even larger drop in gun violence and murders by guns, though not by other means. People who want to kill will kill, whether or not guns are available. Tight gun laws do NOT cause violent crime to “go away.” Because criminals do not obey ANY laws, much less those that say they can’t be armed. In fact, if guns miraculously disappeared tomorrow, they’d find ways to kill and maim, as they did before guns were invented. (Yahoo News/AP)

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