Thursday, March 11, 2010

Becoming A "Gun Nut"

For a long time, although I think EVERYBODY ought to be allowed to carry the means to self-defense, a gun, so they would not be completely helpless if a criminal stuck a gun in their face, I didn’t do much about it. As I get older, and realize that “old guys” like me are prime targets of the “bad guys,” I started thinking more about how I could “even the odds” if a criminal DOES go after this old man. Therefore, I sell disguised self-defense products such as stun guns, pepper sprays, and even cameras disguised as teddy bear style puppy dogs and screws in the wall ( I also realize that if that “bad guy” has a gun, nothing can help you but your own gun if you can get it out fast enough.

Old age ought to be a “good reason” to be “granted” (by a bureaucrat who should have no power to "grant" it) the constitutional right to “keep and bear arms” so you can defend yourself, rather than be victimized by a criminal, who never seems to have any trouble getting a gun, whatever the anti-gun laws that are in effect in any given area. In fact, the tighter those laws are, the easier it seems for a criminal to get his gun. That makes me a “gun nut” according to the “anti-un zealots” who drive our liberal politicians to make more and more useless anti-gun laws. But I don’t care what they call me; I’m getting a gun, and after a few years in the military, I know how to use it. I’m not senile, and I won’t “go off on a shooting spree at the slightest provocation” as those “anti-gun zealots” say I will. I just want to “even the odds.” If a criminal kills me with a gun (or just makes the attempt), I want it to be the last thing he does in HIS life. (Just common sense)

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