Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Feel Helpless

If someone comes at me with a gun (which could happen any time in today’s world, anti-gun laws notwithstanding), I am completely defenseless if I don’t have my own gun with which to defend myself. Unlike the stereotype the “anti-gun zealots” want to paint, I’m no more likely to go off on a shooting spree at the slightest provocation than is that cop you see with the big gun on his hip. Responsible people ought to be allowed to defend themselves against the myriad of illegally armed criminals, and to be able to buy and carry (even concealed) the means to that end. If every gun were to be removed from the world today, criminals and crazies would still be able to find something with which to kill you. Remember the days of the sword? Everybody carried a sword, and it was a very polite society in those days. IN prehistoric days, they killed each other with rocks and clubs. Crooks need to always be aware that their intended victims might be armed, and well able to resist their attacks. Violent crimes would then go down precipitously because criminals are essentially cowards. Anti-gun zealots will say I’m wrong, but they have only to look at Florida, where it’s easy to get a “carry permit” and then look at the violent crime statistics in that state since that law was passed. Don’t ever give me that crap that violent crime goes UP where easy access to guns is created. It just isn’t so. If you say so, you’re lying. (Just common sense)

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