Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hard to Arm Themselves

Drug cartels find it easy to get American arms to use in killing anybody they wish. They get them from American dealers, at the behest of the Obama administration. This administration SAYS they allow it so they can “track” where the guns go down there. But they’re not “tracking” anything, and many of the guns sold down there have turned up in murder cases on both sides of the border. But U. S. citizens can’t seem to get a gun to use in defending themselves against those Mexican bandits who rob and kill on both sides of the border, despite the lies told by Obama. Obama says violent crime rates in border states are going down. Anybody who lives there know what a LIE that is. Just ask some of the ranchers who have been murdered when they objected to the illegal aliens crossing their land and making a mess as they do. (John Lott)

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