Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One Illegal Gun Equals 3 Dead

One illegal gun in the hands or a professor who had been denied tenure killed three other professors and wounded several other people when this professor went on a “shooting spree” in a university meeting. Had just ONE other person in the room had his/.her own gun and the will to use it in self defense, the death toll could have been a lot smaller. But NO! The “anti-gun freaks” think such a person as this professor would OBEY a law that says she can’t be armed. How stupid is THAT? She didn’t, and three people are dead. Criminals and crazies don’t OBEY anti-gun laws. This, they never take into account, and people die because of it. They say without anti-gun laws, it would be a “wild-west shootout” every day. What an ignorant thing to say! That assumes that responsible people who were able to carry guns would use the guns FIRST in any disagreement. That’s a patent INSULT to everybody. It assumes the anti-gun nuts know more than we do. One other thing: I'd "bet the farm" this university is a "gun-free zone." Notice, you never see shooting rampages like this at gun shows where EVERYBODY has a gun. (Mail Times)

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