Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Not The Guns, Stupid!

Anti-gun freaks blame guns for violence, but it’s not the guns. We had violence long before guns were invented. Remember the time when everybody carried a sword and sword fights were a popular way of settling disputes? If every gun in existence were “zapped” and disappeared from the world (an impossibility, but one the anti-gun freaks wish for) bad guys would find other ways to maim and kill people. They talk about “life being cheap,” not mentioning that it was people like that who MADE it cheap when they pushed the killing of the result of unprotected sex, rather than use a rubber. It’s NOT guns that made it cheap. Criminals and crazy bad guys seem always to get a gun when they want to shoot up a bunch of people, usually IN a “gun-free zone.” Has anybody ever successfully shot up a gun show, where everybody was armed? (Guns & Stuff)

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