Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Answer the Damned Question!

When you ask liberals (Democrats) an important question, such as how you can expect insurance companies, that MUST make a profit to survive, how they’re expected to compete with a government agency, which does not, they never answer. They just change the subject and get you talking about the new subject so you forget about the original question. We need to DEWMAND answers.

STIMULUS DIDN’T WORK: So they’re going to do it again, even though doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is THE definition of insanity. Why don’t they just lower the base tax rate as Bush did, and create ANOTHER “boom” period? Why take the money in the first place, only to give it back? The answer is simple. If they get to decide who gets it, they gain more POWER.

“CLIMATE CHANGE” IS A HOAX: A hoax that has either taken in some of our leaders, or is simply being used by them to increase their power over us, while making us pay for it. The “Copenhagen Accord” is a good example of this. If it is signed, and Congress approves it, it will cause legislation that will simply fleece America for a lot more than AlGore ever dreamed of conning us out of.

GOVT. HEALTH CARE IS ANOTHER SCAM: Global warming (now called “climate change”) is a hoax designed to take more of our rights while making us pay for it. Government-paid health care is another. These are just two of the scams Obama and his “gang of thieves” are using to “take us over” and gain complete control over us.

“OLD ARGUMENT?”: The idea that we’re fighting Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan to keep them busy so we won’t have to fight them here IS an “old argument.” That’s because it is TRUE and it’s hard to “change” a true story your opponents deny. Liberals don’t have that problem because their stories are mostly lies, anyway.

I’M NOT BEING RUDE! That’s what Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee shouted rudely, after someone said she was rude for answering phone calls while people are trying to ask her questions during a “town hall” meeting. Sheila is the “poster child for representatives who just don’t care what their constituents think.

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