Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stopping Mass Shootings

Laws prohibiting guns will not do it. Those wishing to commit mass murder do not obey laws that say they “can’t come in here armed.” This article gives a long list of schools where shooters have come in armed, where guns are specifically prohibited, and killed people. These killers could be pretty sure nobody there would be armed and able to kill HIM. “Guns were specifically not allowed on the premises by official policy or by law. Some locations have specific legal prohibitions, while others rely only on ‘company policy.’ Murderers will ignore signs telling them that something is prohibited. Clearly, if the state prohibits guns on campus, the good people will obey and leave their guns at home. But quite clearly, these signs did not dissuade the killers. Think about it. The only people obeying the law and the signs were the good people...the victims.” We need to allow RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE in these schools to be able to carry a gun (if they wish) so such shooters will not know whether or not there will be someone there who is armed and able to stop him as there was in Colorado Springs, Colorado when a shooter who had already killed that day came in shooting. A female parishioner shot him (and, knowing it was ‘all over,” he killed himself) and only two people there (other than the perp) died. (Examiner)

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