Sunday, June 28, 2009

What the "Anti-Gun Freaks" Won't Tell You

“According to the FBI, states with ‘shall-issue’ right-to-carry laws have a 26 percent lower total violent crime rate, a 20 percent lower homicide rate, a 39 percent lower robbery rate and a 22 percent lower aggravated assault rate than those states that do not allow their citizens to legally carry guns.” Do they REALLY think the way to self-defense is to DISarm yourself? How STUPID is that? They tell you that when a lot of innocent citizens are armed, we will have a “wild west atmosphere” where people solve all their problems with guns. That’s a patent insult that assumes the average person has NO CONTROL over their actions and access to guns will cause more deaths and violence. That’s a LOAD. In Florida, where they DO have “must issue” laws for concealed carry permits, violent crime of ALL kinds has PREDICTABLY gone down significantly; while violence where gun laws are tight, it has gone UP significantly. This is not spoken of in the liberal media because they don’t want you to know it. (Just common sense)

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