Monday, April 29, 2013

Liberals Say: "More Guards At Schools"

The Fox News best-known liberal, Alan Colmes, the one who was “bounced from the Hannity and Colmes show and is now only a “radio host,”  says the answer to school shootings is “more guards.” What KIND of guards? ARMED guards in uniform, so a potential shooter can locate them first and kill them before killing other innocent people? So they can become their FIRST targets? What they NEED is more teachers, principals, janitors, and the like with “carry permits” who can “put a couple in” a potential shooter before he can kill more unarmed innocent people. Like happened at that church in Colorado Springs, Colorado when a crazed killer came in without knowing she was there. They CALL her a “security guard,” but she wasn’t. She was a parishioner who happened to be legally armed, and who they ASKED to “act” as a security guard. But the thing that allowed her to stop this shooter is that he didn’t know there was anybody there who was armed. And that was the “secret.” (Just common sense)

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