Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another Crime Stopped

A son used his father’s gun to stop a home invasion in Texas, where criminals ought to know better. Three men pushed their way into this home and started pushing people around, starting with this boy's mother.  Meanwhile, the son was in the bedroom, getting his dad’s gun, with which he shot and killed one of the intruders while the others “lit out for the tall timber.” The cops found them soon after and they are now in jail, feeling lucky to be alive. They found out what ALL criminals need to learn, that not every one of their intended victims will be unarmed, and thus defenseless. I’d wager the two who survived will go into another line of work after they get out of the slam in a few years. The lesson here is, “Don’t mess with Texans, most of whom are armed.” This father laments the loss of a young life, but I don’t. This “young life” was lost the minute he decided to go into a life of crime and it would have happened sooner or later.(KHOU TV)

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