Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Bloody Gun-Free Zones"

“Gun free zones” are anything but that. They are the scenes of bloody mass murders all over the world. Gunners do not go to gun shows or police stations where they know there are plenty of guns carried by people who not only know how to use them, but aren’t afraid to do so. One such “gun free zone” was the theater in Aurora, Colorado, where a Jim Holmes opened fire and murdered ten people while putting another 50 or so in the hospital. This theater has a “policy” of not allowing guns into the theater in the hands of individuals (even if they have a “carry” permit).He did not go to a police station, which was close by because he knew he wouldn’t survive his first shot. He went where he KNEW there was only a SMALL possibility of ANYBODY in the theater being armed. Think about that as you look at just where the “gun-free zones” are, and compare that with the locations of the mass murders. (Just common sense)

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