Thursday, June 21, 2012

No "Cooperation" At All

The “Twister-In-Chief, Jay Carney, says Holder and the DOJ “have cooperated with Congress.” They have not. They have spent MONTHS “stonewalling” on “Fast & Furious” while attempting still to throw all the blame for their problems AND "Fast & Furious" onto Bush and the Republicans. They say they have sent 7,600 documents in response to Congress' “demands.” They have not. They have created a “document dump” of thousands of documents that have nothing to do with what Congress asked for. Something to waste their time and advance the investigation not at all. Holder is an expert at deflecting questions with 50,000 word essays that do not address the questions asked. He has been rightly designated in contempt of Congress. But will it stick? Doubtful. Obama will come up with SOMETHING to “make it go away.” He’s good at twisting things like that. (The Hill)

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