Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why So Many School Shootings?

The recent mass shooting in Oakland at a small Christian school has again raised the questions: “Why so many school shootings? And “What can we do to stop them?” The answer is easy, though today’s liberals won’t hear of it: Stop telling crazy shooters there will not be ANY guns in the school in the hands of people they don’t necessarily KNOW to be armed. In the hands of people licensed to carry concealed, and trained to use them if necessary. They could be janitors, teachers, principals, even counselors. But NOT people these crazies would expect to be armed, so they can’t “target” them early on and get rid of them, such as armed police officers. At Columbine, the shooter did just that, making that armed person’s contribution minimal, at best, if not killing them outright. Banning guns outright except in the hands of known security officers tells those who want to do so to “Come on in and kill us. We have no guns.” This is ignorant, even a STUPID policy and has contributed to these shootings. (CBS News)

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