Sunday, April 10, 2011

She Could Have Stopped It

Dr. Suzanna Hupp is a licensed gun carrier. She could easily have “put a couple into” a man who crashed his car into a Texas Luby’s restaurant, got out, and started shooting people at random. But Texas has a law that makes it a felony to carry a gun into a restaurant, even if you’re licensed. So she had left her gun in her car. That cost a lot of people, including her father and mother, their lives. That short-sighted law cost these people their lives when if she had had her gun with her, she could have put an end to this madman’s massacre before he killed any more people. Instead, he randomly killed a lot of people, unopposed. She made a point to tell these lawmakers a simple thing: hunting is not the reason for the constitutional guarantee of the right to carry the means to personal protection, a gun. It is so we can defend ourselves against criminals, including those sitting on that dias. A judge recently ruled that states have the right to “regulate” guns. He’s wrong. The Constitution of the United States is the BASIS for ALL laws in the country. Federal AND state. But he’s a judge; so who’s going to tell him he’s wrong except another judge? (YouTube)


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