Friday, March 18, 2011

"Guns Walking"

They called it a “sting” to find out where the guns would go. But what it amounts to is that ATF was SUPPLYING guns and ammo to Mexican drug cartels. Agents were against it, but were ORDERED to “stand by and let it happen.” I wonder how many people, both in Mexico and the United States, are dead because of this policy. At least one Border Patrol agent has been killed by a gun traceable to this "program." Yes, intelligence is needed. But we don’t have to SUPPLY guns for Mexican drug cartels in order to learn it. Now an ATF agent is risking his job and maybe his life by “opening this can of worms.” Do you expect anything substantive to be done about it? I doubt it. They will “convene” panel after panel, none of which will come up with anything, nor punish anybody. But they will be able to point to them and say, “We’re doing something.” Meanwhile this agent, if he manages to keep his job, will be shipped to Nome, Alaska or maybe further away. (You Tube/CBS News)

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