Friday, February 4, 2011

"Thou Shall NOt "Pack Heat"

That’s the “commandment” the liberals would like to impose upon us. Others realize that it’s only common sense to say they the most BASIC human right is the right to SELF DEFENSE and the right to own, carry, and USE the means to that end today, a gun. The bad guys, who have NO trouble obtaining guns to use in robbing and killing us, need to WONDER if that supposed “easy target” he/she is about to attack will be armed and willing to kill him before he/she can kill/rob his victim. This alone would serve to reduce the number of violent attacks decidedly—without anyone firing a shot or killing anybody. Thieves are basically cowards, anyway. But that argument is lost on liberals, who are “tone deaf” to any argument that destroys any of their cherished goals. (World Net Daily)

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