Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another "Victory" for Gun Control!

Twelve or more people are dead in New York City at an immigration center. There was NOBODY there with a gun and the will to use it to stop him. That’s because New York has some of the most restrictive anti-gun laws in the country. Did that stop this guy? Not for a second. When a criminal wants to use a gun to commit a crime, NO amount of laws that say he can’t do it while armed are going to stop him. Only the presence of someone in the crowd who can kill him early in his “shooting spree” and reduce the death toll. Only his not knowing if there was someone there who is armed so he can’t target the only armed person he knows is there, first, as the Columbine killers did. Only laws that allow honest people to be armed and able to defend themselves from such people will help. But ignorant politicians will never allow that. Even if this killer’s gun or guns were licensed, it makes no difference. If they were not, it’s the same. Anti-gun laws, as we know them, are STUPID and have KILLED many people. As long as honest people are not allowed to be armed for self-defense, we will continue to hear about such shooting sprees, and they will be successful. This is the second such shooting spree I’ve heard about in as many days. The other one was in a “REST HOME,” fergawd’sake! How many people have to die before the “anti-gun freaks” wake up? (Yahoo News/AP)

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